Margaret Vaughn/Rep. McSweeney

From:  Margaret Vaughn, ICCA Lobbyist 217-280-0206


Background: Rep. McSweeney introduced (HB 4246, HB 4247, HB 4248) in response to a story (planted by a right wing media outlet) on how much was being spent at the IML and School Alliance (School Boards, School Administrators, School Principals) conventions in Chicago. The initial intent was just to have it apply to elected officials but then the sponsor decided to make it broad to apply to all employees/officials  of units of local government. Co-Sponsor Rep. Skillikorn was quoted as a saying that “haven’t they heard of Skype?” and “Can’t they meet at Dunkin Donuts? ” as part of the solution.  While horrible public policy, these type of bills make for great campaign literature.


Problem: Of the three bills that were introduced, HB 4247 was  assigned to the House Executive Committee (the others are still I the Rules Committee) but at this time no hearing is scheduled. The following co-sponsors listed below (many of whom are democratic targets).   The legislation defines “convention or gathering of personnel”  to include includes but is not limited to leagues or associations that include 2 or more separate units of local government” for the purposes of professional education, training, retraining or personal developments defined and bans the use of state funds for use of for rent or pay for access to physical space for booths, hospitality suites or other physical space  at such events  convention. Public safety employees are exempt but is strictly limited to police and fire.


What You Can Do: 1) Look at the list below and if any of these co-sponsors are from your area call their offices and let them know you oppose it because it would restrict education and training for building safety and public health professionals in their communities. If you are not sure who your state representative is go to   2) Email me back if you call them and let me know so I can keep track. 3) I am reaching out to other organizations IL Rural Health Association, IL Public Health Association to oppose and if you are able to get any other groups to oppose let me know; and 4) Ask the other groups that are opposed, to  send an email directly to Pat Bessler who is doing the bill analysis for the House Republicans and Mark Jarmer who is doing the bill analysis for the House Dems. – Thanks!



HB 4247 –Bans use of state fund for educational meetings for locals

Main Sponsor- Representative David McSweeney (R) – Barrington, Algonquin, Barrington, Barrington Hills, Carpentersville, Cary, Crystal Lake East Dundee, Fox River Grove, Hoffman Estates, Inverness, Island Lake Barrington,Oakwood Hills,Court Barrington,South Barrington, Tower Lake Trout Valley, and Wauconda

Springfield Phone: (217) 782-1517



Co- Sponsors

Representative Allen Skillicorn (R)- Crystal Lake

Springfield Phone: (217) 782-0432



Representative Grant Wehrli (R) - Naperville

Springfield Phone: (217) 782-6507



Representative Jonathan Carroll (D) – Buffalo Grove

Springfield Phone: (217) 558-1004



Representative Martin J. Moylan (D) – Des Plaines

Springfield Phone: Des Plaines



Representative John Connor (D) – Romeoville

Springfield Phone: (217) 782-4179



Representative Katie Stuart (D)- Collinsville

Springfield Phone: (217) 782-8018

Email: Email:


Representative Deb Conroy (D) – Villa Park

Springfield Phone: (217) 782-8158



Representative Sue Scherer (D) - Decatur

Springfield Phone: (217) 524-0353



Representative Sam Yingling (D) – Round Lake Beach

Springfield Phone: (217) 782-7320



Representative Monica Bristow (D) - Alton

Springfield Phone: (217) 782-5996



Representative Natalie Phelps Finnie (D)- Harrisburg

Springfield Phone: (217) 782-5131



Representative Jerry Costello, II (D) Red Bud

Springfield Phone: (217) 782-1018




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